M.I.A. Working on 3-Song Mixtape and Short Film

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"It's real !" M.I.A. wrote on Instagram when she shared a screenshot of an email to her record label, Interscope. The email reveals a "3 song mixtape" that’s being described as “a piece of work that has no boundaries and transitions.” The mixtape will be accompanied by a 12 minute long short film; “a [self-directed] journey around the planet.”

She shared the email on Instagram so that her fans could find out about the project at the same time as her label. 

No release date was discussed in the email, but this short mixtape would be Maya Arulpragasam’s first release since 2013’s under-appreciated Matangi

Recently, M.I.A. partnered up with Surkin’s GENER8ION project for “The International Sound, Part II”: