Miguel to Release New Album, Wildheart in June


Just a couple days after sharing his sorta-new single, "Coffee (Fucking)", Miguel has announced the imminent release of his new album. It's called Wildheart and it's out June 30.

It seems like "Coffee" isn't the only previously shared song that will appear on the new album. Miguel has said that his contributions to the Girls and Hunger Games soundtracks will also appear. His Adult Swim track "Can't Sleep Together" is also in there. To say it another way, we've been listening to the new Miguel album for months without knowing!

There are still plenty of reasons to get excited. Miguel collaborations are usually great, and he's teaming up with the likes of Jessie Ware and Janelle Monáe on Wildheart. He has also brought in some top-shelf producers like Pharrell Williams and DJ Premiere.

Earlier this week, Miguel shared the LP's first single, "Coffee (Fucking)". We first heard "Coffee" back on his surprise-released EP in December. Miguel made the song new again with a well-placed guest verse from Wale and a strategically expanded song title. It's not a stretch to expect similar updates to some of the recycled material that is making its way onto the new album.

Here's "Coffee (Fucking)":