More on Arcade Fire's new album, Reflektor


In an interview with BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe prepped to air tomorrow (Sept 11), Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler provided some details on his band's highly anticipated new album, Reflektor. In the interview's preview, Butler said that the band had recorded "50 or 60 songs" which were polished and condensed into the double-album Arcade Fire will be releasing on October 29, complete with Greek mythology-inspired artwork. Butler promised the 2xLP will include several other songs that match or exceed the new single's seven-minute length, and if anyone call pull that off, it's this band.

“[It] made more sense to stretch it out to two records,” Butler explained, adding, “I never wanted to be in a band that could never play whatever music we wanted to.”

Butler aptly describes the album's mysterious marketing release, which included anonymous chalk-based graffiti, two high-concept music videos, a “weird art project.” So weird, in fact, that at a surprise show in Montreal last night, the band would not let in anybody who wasn't "in costume or formalwear."

Speaking of the surprise show, CoS reports that the show was comprised entirely of Reflektor material, "which ranged from disco and dance to 'swampy' funk to Born In The U.S.A.-era Springsteen." Just in case you weren't sufficiently excited about the new material...

Except more reports on Arcade Fire's new live show to emerge in the next few days. The band will hit Montreal’s Salsatheque again two more times this week - tonight and tomorrow night. Thusly, shaky videos with quality ranging from shitty to god-awful are expected to hit YouTube. Stay tuned.

Pre-order Reflektor in digital, CD and vinyl formats here.