Mount Eerie Details New Double LP Sauna

It's out in Feburary via Phil Elverum's own label.
mount eerie sauna

Mount Eerie's Phil Elverum has just confirmed more details about his forthcoming double LP Sauna, which'll be out early next year. You can check out the tracklist below - it includes "Emptiness" and "Dragon," two tracks he's previously performed live, alongside ten as-yet-unshared ones. He's also shared a teaser trailer featuring a bit of the title track, which you can watch below. Check it out - you'll be able to snag Sauna in a record store starting February 9th.

Mount Eerie, Sauna:
01 Sauna
02 Turmoil
03 Dragon
04 Emptiness
05 (something)
06 Boat
07 Planets
08 Pumpkin
09 Spring
10 Books
11 This
12 Youth