MP3: Washed Out - "Amor Fati" (Clams Casino Remix)

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We’re continually impressed by what the game-changing North Jersey beatmaker Clams Casino brings to the production table and his original material, as well as to remixes, and his total overhaul of Washed Out’s latest single “Amor Fati” is no exception.

Clams digs out Ernest Greene’s voice from his bubbly, summery electro-scape and buries it again under pitch-shifted, slowed-down, percolating synth riffs and dubby bass drones. It’s more ambient than anything you’d ever expect from Washed Out – even when Clams allows some of Greene’s arpeggiating waterfalls to poke though his thick, dubby haze, it’s a decidedly contemplative reworking, almost eagerly awaiting a deft MC to go over it. ASAP Rocky?

Washed Out - "Amor Fati" (Clams Casino Remix) (mp3)