Check Out: Neonfaith - "Tied Together" + "Escape"


It’s hard to find much about the New York band Neonfaith on the internet (unless you’re looking for new-agey churches across America), so you have to let their two released singles craft your opinions for you. Neonfaith give you a lot to work with on “Tied Together” and “Escape” – the first is a slowly percolating, Nicolas Jaar-level minimalist (that’s pretty damn minimalist), soul-influenced cut that poises fantastic, lovelorn female vocals over layered percussion and keyboards, while the latter is a little more in-your-face, with interwoven guitars and electronics and a deliriously catchy drums-and-keyboards backbeat that sounds appealingly nostalgic. Check out both tracks below.

Bonus: Check out Neon Faith's recent remix of Little Dragon's "Ritual Union"