New Album: Delorean - Apar

Listen to the glorious first single, "Spirit."
delorean apar

Delorean's recent festival appearances had us pretty convinced there was something up their collective sleeve, and here it is: the band's new record, Apar, their follow-up to 2010's still-great Subiza, will be out this fall. The band call it their "big production album," which is kind of evidenced by first single "Spirit," a maximalist, balearic summer jam to end all summer jams, all seemingly endlessly layered tracks of guitar, drums, and synths - and some choir vocals, too. We're digging the cover art, too, inspired by Basque artist Jorge Oteiza. Aparis out September 10.

Here's a tracklist.


01 Spirit
02 Destitute Time
03 Dominion
04 Unhold [ft. Caroline Polachek]
05 You Know It's Right
06 Keep Up
07 Walk High
08 Your Face
09 Inspire
10 Still You