New Album: Four Tet - 'Beautiful Rewind'

Four Tet isn't one for flashy album announcements.

Apparently not one for flashy album announcements, Four Tet has just revealed almost all the necessary information about his upcoming seventh studio record via a simple blog post on his website. The record, Beautiful Rewind, will be out "soon" via Kieran Hebden's own label TEXT; it includes kaleidoscopic cover art by Matthew Cooper and 11 never-before-heard songs - check out the tracklist below. We'll update you as we learn more - hopefully we'll hear that release date and a first single soon.

01. Gong
02. Parallel jalebi
03. Our navigation
04. Ba teaches yoga
05. Kool FM
06. Crush
07. Buchla
08. Aerial
09. Ever never
10. Unicorn
11. Your body feels