New Album: MGMT - MGMT (Tracklist)

A self-titled new album from the duo will land in September.

We've been suspecting something was coming for a while given their record store day single and the new songs they've been playing on tour, but now it's official - MGMT's third record, MGMT, will be out this year. It includes their single "Alien Days" as well as two songs they've recently premiered live, "Mystery Disease" and "Your Life is a Lie." Andrew Vanwyngarden and Ben Goldwasser recorded this one as a duo (unlike Congratulationsand told Rolling Stone they'd much rather make the charmingly inscrutable songs they want to make than top 40 fodder like some of their Columbia labelmates - which is just fine by us. The record will apparently come with a selection of visual and video art, too, so you might want to preorder some vinyl, or line up outside your neighborhood record store on release day, September 17.

01 Alien Days
02 Cool Song No. 2
03 Mystery Disease
04 Introspection
05 Your Life Is a Lie
06 A Good Sadness
07 Astro-Mancy
08 I Love You Too, Death
09 Plenty Of Girls in the Sea
10 An Orphan of Fortune