New Album: Muse - The 2nd Law

Muse ready a dubstep album? This album trailer would have you believe so.

On September 18, Muse will release their new album, The 2nd Law. The announcement came with an over-the-top, two minute album trailer depicting a global financial crisis and an overall sense of Muse doomsdayness that made Glenn Beck a fan. While none of this is particularly revealing (the band has always had a flair for the dramatics), toward the end of the trailer something rather interesting happened. A Skrillex-like brostep breakdown kicks the door in and we're sure, leaving more than a few Muse fans stunned.

One fan argues that these sounds aren't of a band buying into a fad, but those of natural progression. "Name me the similarities between any Skrillex song and this. You can't. You're jumping on the band wagon. In reality, the effects are all Muse. The Fuzz Pedal, the Octavia, the Phaser. All these effects have been used by Muse from at least 2006." Touché.