New Album: Owen Pallett - In Conflict

Owen Pallet In Conflict

As though we didn't already have enough reason to be excited out of our minds for new music in 2014, another one of our favorite artists has confirmed a new record - Owen Pallett, who will follow up his 2010 record Heartland with In Conflict. It's shaping up to be pretty promising - the one and only Brian Eno is featured on guitar, vocals, and synths, as well as the Czech FILMharmonic Orchestra. Peruse the tracklist below, and watch an album trailer video which includes a detailed list of credits and a snippet of awesome-sounding new music. You can grab In Conflict in a record store starting May 13.

Owen Pallett - In Conflict
01 I Am Not Afraid
02 In Conflict
03 On a Path
04 Song for Five & Six
05 The Secret Seven
06 Chorale
07 The Passions
08 The Sky Behind the Flag
09 —-> [1]
10 The Riverbed
11 Infernal Fantasy
12 Soldiers Rock
13 —-> [2]