New Album: Sia, 1000 FORMS OF FEAR

Sia's first album since 2010 will be out this summer. Rejoice.
Sia 1000 Forms of Fear

Sia has been laying low since the 2010 release of We Are Born, putting her pop star aspirations on hold to write hooks for Beyoncé, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Britney Spears and everyone in between. Sia carved a nice, lucrative nook for herself in the modern landscape of the American pop music machine, and with the occasional scene-stealing vocal guest spot with the David Guettas and the Eminems of the world, it seemed that the singer might've found comfort in limbo.

That's, of course, nonsense because by now we've all heard Sia's stunning new solo single "Chandelier" – it's clear now that while Sia's been building clout and bank, she's been saving her best material for herself. All that material is being packaged as 1000 FORMS OF FEAR - the singer's first album in four years - and will be released on July 7. The creepy artwork is above and you can give the 12-song tracklist a gander below:

01 Chandelier
02 Big Girls Cry
03 Burn the Pages
04 Eye of the Needle
05 Hostage
06 Straight for the Knife
07 Fair Game
08 Elastic Heart (featuring The Weeknd and Diplo)
09 Free the Animal
10 Fire Meet Gasoline
11 Cellophane
12 Dressed In Black