New Album: The Men - Tomorrow's Hits

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The Men Tomorrows Hits

In what must be part of their continued quest to release an album every year (2010's Immaculada, 2011's Leave Home, 2012's Open Your Heart, 2013's New Moon and Campfire Songs), the Men have announced some details about their fifth LP, Tomorrow's Hits, which'll be out early next year. To up the ante, they posted a simple message to their blog - "things will be different." Sounds it, according to their press release - it's their highest-fidelity release to date, and some songs apparently include a horn section (!!!). Check out the short but sweet-sounding tracklist below while you wait; Sacred Bones will release Tomorrow's Hits March 4.

The Men - Tomorrow's Hits Tracklist:
01 Dark Waltz
02 Get What You Give
03 Another Night
04 Different Days
05 Sleepless
06 Pearly Gates
07 Settle Me Down
08 Going Down