New Foxcatcher Trailer: Steve Carell Aims for Oscar

Is Steve Carell a contender.
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As soon as we saw the prosthetic nose on Steve Carell's face, we knew what would follow: a well-funded, painstakingly coordinated Oscar campaign. Mark the calendar, August 28 is when it officially kicked off.

In Bennett Millers' upcoming Foxcatcher, Carell plays John du Pont, a multimillionaire sports enthusiast and paranoid schizophrenic with hopes of coaching the next Olympic wrestling team. Unfortunately, his endeavor is met with tragedy and he's eventually convicted of killing Olympic Champion Dave Schultz (played by a game Mark Ruffalo).

In an interview with New York Magazine, Carell spoke on the dark places his role took him:

“Once I was in full makeup and trying to sort of emulate du Pont’s vocal patterns, people were more reserved around me, on and off the set. I don’t want to sound precious or pretentious about being in character all the time. But I hadn’t anticipated how much it would draw me away physically and emotionally from everyone else. [...] Frankly, I’m glad we filmed out of town. The transition from that to being with my family would be … well, I don’t like to bring stuff like that home.”

This darkness, and Carell's newfound magnetism, is central to the latest teaser trailer for Foxcatcher. Now, more than ever, no conversation regarding next year's possible Best Actor contenders seems complete without mention of Steve Carell.

Foxcatcher opens November 14.