New Holy Other: "Love Some1" + Held Album


Minimalist Manchester producer Holy Other is finally releasing a full-length record, Held, late this summer (it follows up his 2011 debut EP, With U). Based on the tracklisting and first single “Love Some1” you can peruse now, dude’s still a big fan of chatspeak song titling. He’s also a big fan of those swelling, morose synth drones, pitchshifted, cut-up vocals, you know the drill – dark, beautiful, slow-paced gothy artstep with a creepy-sultry groove that’s not quite catchy but still waves its way into your skull. Held is out August 28.

Holy Other: Held Tracklist:

01 (W)here
02 Tense Past
03 Inpouring
04 Love Some1
05 U Now
06 In Difference
07 Past Tension
08 Held
09 Nothing Here