There's a New Lana Del Rey Album Coming Called Honeymoon

She's already written nine songs for it.
Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey is fresh off a killer second album (or third, depending who you ask), a Golden Globe nomination, and being shortlisted for an Academy Award for Best Original Song for her contribution to the Tim Burton film Big Eyes, but she's already talking about her next album. Speaking to Billboard, Del Rey announced that her next album would be called Honeymoon, and that she has already written nine songs.

She also mentioned that the album would be a lot different from Ultraviolence and more reminiscent of Born To Die. (Perhaps a reaction to the legions of young fans who missed the canned strings and shallow boom-bap beats of her debut?) She also said that she's "sinking into this more noirish feel" on Honeymoon, and that the production on four of the nine new songs was already "perfect." Maybe that means a release date will come sooner rather than later? Stay tuned.

Revisit "Big Eyes" below: