New: Tennis - "Tears in the Typing Pool" (Broadcast cover)


Tennis are gearing up to release their full-length record, Young and Old, in February, and in the meantime they’re dropping teaser tracks left and right. Their latest offering (following album tracks “Origins” and “Deep in the Woods”) is a cover of the English electro / dream-pop band Broadcast’s “Tears in the Typing Pool.”

You haven’t heard a song this piano-driven from Tennis before – Patrick Riley’s guitar is buried deeper beneath Alaina Moore’s keys and vocals than usual – but we do wish the band had taken the opportunity of covering such a stripped-down track to lighten up a little on the reverb. After all, it’s the intoxicating, confessional closeness of Trish Keenan’s (rest in peace) stunning voice and lyrics that make the original so memorable. Give it a listen.