PMA Auditions (Just Kidding!... Sort of)


I get a lotof emails from bands and artists who email me seeking out for some recognition and attention. I get that and I get how important it is, but you guys also have to get that reading all of these emails and listening to all of the music is almost impossible. Contrary to popular belief, PMA isn't my job, and I can't set aside 8 hours a day for it. I wish I could though — this would be the most kick ass job in the world.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is: this weekend I am setting aside hours and hours (mostly on Sunday) just so I can read/listen to your emails. Why? Because I'm trying to discover the next diamond in the rough? No, but that would be a cool bonus. What I want is to find some great not-very-known (I know the term "undiscovered" offends some people) talent that is willing to work with PMA and their very sneaky, well referred-to "projects." Man, I love teasers.

So if you think your band, group, solo act fits the bill and can keep things interesting, EMAIL ME: with "AUDITION" in the subject (yes, in CAPS). I will do my best Simon Cowell impersonation to entertain myself when I come across a boring submission. I'm only half kidding.