PMA's Spotify Playlists


Streaming services like Spotify have made great strides in making music discovery and recommending more social and accessible. It's been a great playlist making tool for us at PMA for years now, especially at the end of the year when we put together our picks for the year's best music.

If we aren't yet connected, here's a rundown of our playlists on Spotify:

ROLLING — this is a rolling playlist that will be updated weekly, with our favorite new songs. You'll definitely find the music featured on Tracking, as it's available.

PMA's Best Songs of the 2010s (Building) — This is an ongoing playlist meant to keep track of our favorite songs of the decade so far.

PMA's Songs of 2014
PMA's Songs of 2013
PMA's Songs of 2012
PMA's Songs of 2011