Pretty Much Amazing Reader Poll


If you are a regular PMA reader, please fill out this form. This is a way for me to found out what you might interested in seeing on the blog in the near future. Read on for some in-depth definitions of the choices.

Music News - If you're interested in finding out when your favorite band is working on a new album, or on tour, or any other crucial/interesting news breaks, then check this box.

Newsletter - Check this box if you'd subscribe to a weekly or bi-monthly newsletter sent out by us. Each newsletter would include an exclusive MP3, content not found on the blog, and a giveaway only available to subscribers. This, of course, would be free.

Music Videos - If you're interested in the latest music videos and would like to see them on PMA, check this box.

Community - If you'd join a Pretty Much Amazing community, you should check this box. A community would involve public user profiles and a means to share photos and videos and talk to other PMA readers through message boards.

Message Boards/Forums - If you don't want to bother with the whole profile thing, and would only like to participate in a message board / forums where readers can share information, music, insight, etc. then you should check this box.

Don't Change PMA - if you want this blog to stay the same and not grow or evolve, check this box.