Re: Tip Jar



You may have noticed that a tip jar has just popped up in the sidebar recently, it looks a lot like the one above actually (go ahead and click it!) — well don't be alarmed! I put it there, I promise. I put it there because: 1. many people tell me that they love the blog and that if there were a tip jar around, they'd totally contribute. This is probably the main reason why I decided to put it up. It had really never crossed my mind. But knowing that SOMEONE might actually do it made me feel a lot better. 2. keeping PMA up-to-date takes a lot of time; especially now that I have decided to update it 5 times a day Monday through Friday. I'm still debating on whether or not to take the weekends off. I don't really treat this as a job, but it is quickly becoming one. I'm not complaining! This is seriously the best job in the world, and I'd love to take on the challenge.

I'm not implying that any major regime changes are going on around PMA, it will just be more thorough in coverage, which ultimately means more new music and information for you to digest. I have been putting up ads on PMA for a while now, that's just something you will have to live with — a blogger's got to eat right? Anyway, the Tip Jar is 100% optional, obviously, and just for those who feel like they want to help PMA out in some way. If you do want to help, this is probably the best way. Between inflated server costs (more and more of you come every day!) and the time it takes to keep this blog afloat, I could use all of the help I can get!

Well this was just me explaining what the tip jar was all about. Now go click it! Or not! Whatever, it's cool!