Is Rihanna Releasing a New Record Next Month?

Fans have uncovered what appears to be an internal Roc Nation memo.

Anxiously awaiting new music from Rihanna? You're in luck - the tireless sleuths on ONTD have uncovered what appears to be a leaked internal memo from Roc Nation reporting that Rihanna's next LP, titled Lost Files, will be out November 24th - continuing Rih's tradition of dropping new records in November. It also reflects artists she's known to have been working with recently - including Big Sean, Eminem, Nicki Minaj, Drake, and more. Check out the purported tracklist below while we wait to see if this is legit.

  1. Bold

  2. Trouble

  3. Ain't No Drama

  4. Barz (featuring Nicki Minaj)

  5. A Drug & A Dream

  6. All Night

  7. Lovin, Fallin, Dyin

  8. Tattered Heart

  9. Real Talk (featuring Drake)

  10. Hall of Fames /Flames?

  11. Pray 4 Me (featuring Big Sean)

  12. Oceans

  13. Veins

  14. Lost Files (featuring Eminem)