Run The Jewels Offer 'RTJ3' Update

Yes, it will be free.
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run the jewels

There are two main take-aways from DIY’s exciting little chat with Run the Jewels, regarding their upcoming album Run the Jewels 3.

  1. “As soon as I get home, we start Run the Jewels 3. We’ve already started some of the production,” El-P told them. “That’s what we’re doing all next year until it’s done.” 
  2. Run the Jewels will continue to give away their music for free, according to Killer Mike. “It cuts out the marketing meeting to try to do people into buying a record that’s already leaked. That relationship works really well for us and our audience. We can’t tell you that’s the secret for everybody in music, but it looks like it worked for us,” he said. “You’ll probably see us continue to do this.”

We are ready. 

Watch the video for “Early” from Run the Jewels 2: