Shamir Announces Debut Album, Ratchet


Coming out of nowhere last year, Shamir has become one of the most exciting new artists of the last couple years, and with only a handful of songs to his name. Today he announces his debut album—it will released by indie powerhouse XL—called Ratchet and it's out May 18/19. Yes that album title is incredible and yes this qualifies as the spring's most anticipated album from someone not named Kanye West. Check out the album art above, Shamir's mission statement, as well as the tracklist below:

Shamir Ratchet 2

01 Vegas
02 Make a Scene
03 On the Regular
04 Call If Off
05 Hot Mess
06 Demon
07 In for the Kill
08 Youth
09 Darker
10 Head in the Clouds

Check out Shamir's Northtown EP from last year: