Sigur Rós: New Album, Kveikur + Hear Single "Brennisteinn"

New album, Kveikur is out in June. Listen to the explosive first single "Brennisteinn" now.
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After dropping some hints in January that their upcoming record would be "more aggressive" then touting some (indeed, pretty aggressive) new tracks on tour around Europe, Sigur Rós have confirmed some details about the album, which is titled Kveikur. We've already heard the title track alongside "Yfirboro" and "Hrafntinna" thanks to some fan-recorded concert videos, and the band have just released a super-creepy video for a super-heavy new song called "Brennisteinn" that you can check out now, so it looks like we've sampled just under half the tracks from KveikurPeruse the tracklist and check out the new song - the record's out June 18.

01 Brennisteinn
02 Hrafntinna
03 Isjaki
04 Yfirbord
05 Stormur
06 Kveikur
07 Rafstraumur
08 Bláprádur
09 Var