MP3: Sigur Rós - "Ný Batterí" (from Inni)


Icelandic post-rock pioneers Sigur Rós are releasing a concert film and double live album called Inni soon, and you can download a piece of the magic even if you don’t want to drop $79 on a deluxe package that includes a piece of band member clothing (for real!).

The band dropped teaser track “Ný Batterí” today – its eight and a half minutes range from blissful ambiance, to truly divine moments where Jónsi’s acrobatic falsetto takes center stage, to interludes of chilling, cutting, hyper-distorted guitar. If the rest of Inni so effortlessly communicates the energy of the band’s famously transcendental live show, you might want to think about that $79 set anyway…

Sigur Rós - "Ný Batterí"