New Album: Sigur Ros - Valtari

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Sigur Ros

Last we heard from Sigur Ros was in film form – their own epic concert film, Inni, and frontman Jonsi’s score/soundtrack for We Bought A Zoo both dropped (and wowed us) in 2011. Now they’re readying a more-audio less-visual release, a brand new LP called Valtari, their first release since 2008. But they’re not totally abandoning filmic cues – bassist Georg Holm says the record’s like “looking at an old landscape painting.” We don’t know too many details yet – only a seven song tracklisting and a release date, but we’re looking forward to it. Valtari drops May 28th. UPDATE: Listen to the album's first single Ekki Múkk.

Valtari Tracklist

Ég Anda
Ekki Múkk