Did Someone Just Spoil Beyoncé's New Surprise Album, Beyoncé Volume 2?

Cat's out of the bag? Enticing details of Beyoncé's purported new album surface.

Update: Well something has been announced, but it's not this.

Over the weekend, New York Magazinereported that someone may have ruined the surprise release of a new album from Beyoncé, an apparent sequel to last December's trendsetting, self-titled album. In a leaked "release confirmation" memo, details of a Justin Timberlake-esqueBeyoncé – Volume 2 and Beyoncé – The Complete Edition are outlined, including the complete tracklist, honorable guests, and a release date. If it's true, we can only imagine the shitstorm blowing through Beyoncé's entertainment company Parkwood Entertainment.

Check out the memo below:

Beyonce Volume 2

As NY Mag?s Vulture points out:

There is one immediately fishy aspect to this, which is the date. As you can see, the digital release date on iTunes is Friday, November 14, and the physical album — a 4-disc set — is set to drop on Monday, November 25. However, it turns out that November 25 is a Tuesday, so either this is an egregious typo (embarrassing!) or some faker is not very good at their calendar.

But, more interesting are the little details that make this actually seem real: A song included in the tracklist, "DONK" (lol) featuring Nicki Minaj, was actually registered in song publishing association ASCAP by Bey, The-Dream and Pharrell just a couple weeks ago.


Another song, "Cherry" (featuring Rihanna) is also registered, which plays into rumors from earlier this summer than the two pop superpowers are set to collaborate. Smaller details, like the prime post-Thanksgiving, pre-Christmas release date, the dorky self-aware song titles — "KO" like "XO", "Cherry" like "Blow" — and the inclusion of the too-good-for-internet-only "Flawless (Remix)", do a lot to convince us that this just might be real. I just hope that whoever leaked this has a two-day head start. Run for your life, dude.

Here is the purported tracklist for BEYONCÉ: Volume 2:

Sweet Illusion
DONK, featuring Nicki Minaj
Good in Good Bye
Renouncement, featuring Justin Timberlake
Sensation of Pain
Cherry, featuring Rihanna
Flawless (Remix), featuring Nicki Minaj