SoundCloud Launches Music Subscription Service

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SoundCloud, that indispensable source of new Drake remixes, has become the latest Internet company to launch a music subscription service. They’re calling it SoundCloud Go. All the usual terms apply: subs start at $9.99/month for desktop and Android users. However, iOS users will have to cough up $12.99, which is absolutely a nonstarter, considering Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, and YouTube Red all cost $9.99/mo. 

If you’re on desktop or Android, or if you’re on iOS and SoundCloud somehow convinced you it’s worth 30% more than the other guys, the service boasts relationships with just three of the four major record labels. Unsurprisingly, the indies rallied behind the popular tool—SoundCloud says 10,000 indies have signed on. 

Including the nearly numberless quantities of amateur and professional remixes and covers on the website, SoundCloud boasts over 125 million songs. Of course, these track are accessible for free—they are keeping a free, ad-supported tier. $10-13 a month buys you a reprieve from ads, an expanded catalogue (that’s where the labels come in!), and offline listening. A 30-day free trial is available for anyone wanting to test SoundCloud Go against the other services out there.

Wired has an interesting profile on the service, calling it “audacious” because “it gives artists and labels track-by-track control over who can access what.” Unfortunately, it seems that the consumer-impacting result hardly differentiates itself from Spotify or Apple Music. SoundCloud’s unique selling point—that it has millions of hours of artist-uploaded content—is available for free.