SPIN25 WEBCAST: The National

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2010 marks SPIN Magazine’s 25th Anniversary and to celebrate the momentous occasion, together with ZYNC from American Express, the magazine are putting on 5 huge shows in New York City this week, but you don’t have to be in NYC to see these amazing gigs. Each show will be broadcast at SPIN.com.

So far this week, SPIN and ZYNC have put on shows featuring Smashing Pumpkins, The Flaming Lips and The Black Keys, today they are presenting The National with very special guests Kurt Vile and Suckers. If you were to only pick one SPIN25 gig to watch, make it this one. Catch the full show by tuning in @ SPIN.com/SPIN25Live at around 8PM EST.

PS: Tomorrow marks the final SPIN25 show in NYC featuring Spiritualized!