Spoon Readying New Album, They Want My Soul

At long last, a little concrete album news from Spoon, via NPR.
spoon 2014

Are you there, God? It's us, Pretty Much Amazing. We'd just like to thank every iteration of you that humans have ever believed in for some concrete news about Spoon's eighth record, which'll be titled They Want My Soul. Via an interview with NPR, the band's Britt Daniel and Jim Eno revealed some details about the record and their long hiatus, and teased some new songs, including "Knock Knock Knock," "Inside Out," a cover of Ann-Margret's "I Just Don't Understand," and the title track, reportedly inspired by the same middle-school bully character as Kill the Moonlight's "Jonathon Fisk." You can listen to the whole half-hour interview over at NPR, or revisit the teaser they released in March, which features a bit of "Knock Knock Knock." They Want My Soul is out August 5, but remember - there's something called "R.I.P." on its way June 10th.

"Knock Knock Knock" teaser: