Sunday Links


Here at PMA, we love our weekends. We like to catch a show or two, go to a movie, catch up with "RL" stuff, or just veg. With the exception of a podcast every now and then, you probably won't see a post on Sunday 'round here. I will let my blogfriends provide the goodies on Sunday.

  • MFR has an mp3 for the Hood Internet's latest — "Two Weeks of Hip Hop" mashing Grizzly Bear and Dead Prez together. Groovy.

  • While we're on MFR, check out their fantastic series, The Radiohead Model. It's a great read.

  • The always amazing Burial and Four Tet are releasing a split 12" called Moth/Wolf Cub. Catch some mp3 samples at GvsB

  • Patrick Wolf covers Lady GaGa's "Poker Face," all at The Music Slut.

  • Eminem's shit-tastic music video for the shittier-tastic "3AM" can be found at Mossip.

  • A great "Sleepyhead" remix over at OHH! Crapp..

  • Estelle & Kanye work together once again on this new DJ Class joint. Find the mp3 over at Pigeons & Planes.

  • NPR is streaming the new Conor Oberst album. Listen to it here.