SXSW: Skip the Line With Hype Hotel's Fast Pass

hype hotel

Even if you have all your favorite blogs’ recommendations to go on, SXSW can still make you feel like you’re a gerbil running on a treadmill solidly for five days – maybe with a few more taco breaks. Bobbing and weaving your way across Austin and back again several times a day, swimming against or buoyed by a ceaseless human tide, in order to catch perhaps inadvisable numbers of bands and drink definitely inadvisable quantities of free alcohol, can totally wipe you out. That’s why we always love it when certain little things make SXSW just a little easier – it really goes a long, long way toward making sure you don’t just blow one of your festival days lounging on a couch watching Netflix, which you probably do at home anyway. Here’s one helpful thing that’s brand new this year, and all you have to do is tweet.

Every year, the Hype Machine bands together with Taco Bell to establish a kind of temporary, SXSW-only venue called the Hype Hotel Presented by Feed the Beat. Many blogs who contribute to the Hype Machine, like Gorilla vs. Bear, Consequence of Sound, YVYNYL, and Disco Naïveté, host shows at the Hype Hotel to total to 10 sessions – a day show and a night show, for five days. So many awesome, diverse blogs host these shows that it’s likely you’ll be able to catch all your favorites if you just camp out there – but getting in can sometimes be a crapshoot, given that the lineups are always awesome and there’s free food and booze. Here’s how it gets easier: this year, Hype Hotel have partnered up with Mazda, who will put you in the running to win a “Fast Pass” to cut the general admissions line if you tweet using the hashtags “#HypeON” and “#MazdaSXSW.” So, SAMPLE TWEET: “can’t wait to see [your favorite SXSW band] today while double fisting Doritos tacos! #TreatYoSelf #HypeOn #MazdaSXSW” (in fact feel free to use this useful template). Mazda will give out five Fast Passes per session per day (so, ten per day, and fifty overall) – so consider the odds pretty good, keep your phone charger with you at all times (or take advantage of one of the Mazda-provided wireless charging stations) and send your non-SXSW Twitter followers a precautionary message that you’re going to be very active over the course of the next few days.

Brought to you by Mazda, official automobile sponsor of #HypeON. #MazdaSXSW #HypeON