Taylor Swift May Be Releasing a New Single called "Polaroid" Next Week

New Album coming soon? Deciphering Taylor's cryptic clues seems to indicate so.
taylor swift polaroid

Taylor Swift started posting "clues" to her Twitter and Instagram last week, getting fans super psyched for what's evidently quickly forthcoming new music. In the first clue, Taylor gets in an elevator to the 18th floor; the second clue is a screenshot of her phone's wallpaper including the time, 5:00pm, and the third clue is a screenshot of her doing a Yahoo search. Fans have surmised that this means Taylor will release a new song on August 18th at 5pm via a Yahoo livestream, which makes sense, but a genius / devoted fan at Buzzfeed has presented her case that the new song will be called "Polaroid." There's a polaroid camera in Taylor's background in clue #2, and she's been posting polaroid photos to her Twitter and Instagram all summer. What do you think? Stay tuned - we'll let you know when we know for sure.