The Golden Filter: Voluspa


The Golden Filter's debut album, Voluspa may not be due out until April 26th, but as all albums do, it has leaked weeks ahead of schedule. This is the Golden Filter's response:


Yes, our beloved debut album has been leaked...
Such is life in the digital age, but a wise seeress could have seen it coming from miles away...

So the good news is that you can now pre-order VOLUSPA on CD (with a lovely 12 page booklet) or on Vinyl LP (a double record set) at our website and IMMEDIATELY receive the digital MP3 version, along with two bonus songs that are NOT on the album.  Also included are a couple of unseen video teasers we made for 2 of the songs on the album.

20 random albums (CD and Vinyl) will also contain a personalized Polaroid photo that we took, and ownership of a unique star in the sky...seriously.

The Golden Filter"

Download Voluspa's first single, "Hide Me" — due out April 19th — for free here.