The Pass - "Vultures" Music Video + Music Blogger House Party Contest


Louisville's up and coming The Pass continues pouring out its steady stream of electro-pop goodness, with "Vultures," a brand new song off their debut album, BURST. At first glance, the "Vultures" music video looks like a crazy house party, but hidden somewhere in this party vid are a few dozen references to music blogs. Naturally, they'd go for this concept for a song called "Vultures". Watch the video above and read more about the contest below:

Says video director, Zach Hart, "As you know, there are a lot of clever names for music blogs and the goal of the video was to transform the name of music blogs into human/prop representations.  An example of this would be the music blog “I Guess I’m Floating”…you would see a guy floating and then shrug with indifference."

"To make this even more fun, I’m holding a contest to see who can identify the most music blog/music site references.  We managed to reference over thirty sites.  To prevent people from listing every blog they know, if you guess a blog that isn’t featured in the video you get –1 points….one right you get +1.  The person with the most points win.  E-mail to answers to  Please don’t use the comment box to guess…they will not count.

The winner will receive a 50 dollar gift certificate to Insound and a cd copy of The Pass debut BURST.  If someone manages to get a perfect score, I might throw in something extra.  This was a lot of fun to make and I hope you have as much fun watching what has to be one of the craziest house parties ever."