The Walkmen Finish Recording Album, Cover U2


The Walkmen have been making amazing records full of what have probably been scientifically proven as the best songs to sing when you’re drunk for ten years, and they’re looking to drop their sixth album, as yet untitled, in 2012. With tables manned by onetime Shins producer Phil Ek and the great stuff the band premiered on tour with Fleet Foxes last fall, it’s already sounding promising. To celebrate the end of recording the record, the band posted to YouTube a medley of U2 covers (seriously) they recorded on the fly in the studio to blow off steam. We can guarantee this’ll be the most hilarious thing you’ll have heard on the internet since Atlas Sound’s Faustian “My Sharona,” if only for frontman Hamilton Leithauser’s repeated yowls of “IN THE NAAAAME OF LOVE!!” Enjoy!