The xx have new album called "I See You", according to Shazam

The details may have been leaked on the popular music identifying service
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The xx are up to something. They’ve been sharing unexplained snippets onto Spotify (and then removing them) for a minute and now a Redditor has found that details for a purported new xx album, “I See You”, were leaked onto and subsequently deleted from Shazam.

The xx last released an album, Coexist, in 2012. Chief beatsmith Jamie xx brought the band back together for his terrific solo debut, In Colour. 

You can check out the purported tracklist for “I See You” below. We’ve left the links intact even though they’re dead for the time being.

The xx, I See You:

Brave for You
I Dare You
On Hold
Seasons Run
Say Something Loving
Test Me
A Violent Noise