The xx Play New Songs

The xx

As you may know, The xx have been working on a new album for a few months now. Back in December the trio sent out this lovely demo called "Open Eyes", and just a few days ago they announced some European tour dates. Last night, in one of those show in London, the band played a new song. At first it sounds like one of the xx's more sparse tracks (something along the lines of a Romy Madley Croft-fronted "Fantasy"), but then out of nowhere come some explosive "Be My Baby" drums –– and we love anytime that happens. Unfortunately the video is cut shortly after, but you know what we always say: a minute of new xx music is better than no new xx music. UPDATED: with another clip, this time it's over two minutes long and the song is much more exciting.

The xx: New Song #1

The xx: New Song #2