New Album: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Trouble


If you know anything about Totally Emormous Extinct Dinosaurs, the project of UK electro producer Orlando Higgenbottom, who’s been serving up amazing remixes and mesmerizing masquerade live sets for some time now, you’ll likely be psyched about this news – he’s about to drop his first real record, Trouble, this summer.

TEED’s always impressed us with his successful attempts to make pure dance music that stays away from posturing to come-and-go fads – not everyone can manage to make something that’s classic and effortless but still totally now, not to mention capable of inciting crowds into frenzied raves, but he absolutely can. Of Trouble’s fourteen tracks, you can sample one of them, “Tapes & Money,” which comes with a video that shows off just what kind of experience you might have if you choose to go see TEED when he tours the world this summer. Check it out – the record drops June 12th.