Video: Azealia Banks - "1991"


As much as we love Azealia Banks' high-concept, high-budget, star-powered music videos - we're looking at you, "Liquorice" clip - girl's proven she doesn't need much more than her own charisma to be a verifiable modern-age video star. Case in point - the now-ubiquitous, still-amazing video for "212," and now the Justin Mitchell-directed visuals for "1991," the endlessly catchy title track from her recent EP. Azealia's proven in just a handful of releases that she's a truly magnetic presence, both over headphones and in person, and the "1991" clip offers plenty of trippy distractions - disorienting mirrors, backup dancers, quick cuts and fadeouts - but you won't be able to take your eyes (or your ears) off her. Check it out.