Video: Merchandise - "Little Killer"

merchandise after the end

My roommate texted me yesterday to tell me that a new Merchandise song would premiere on the Seattle radio station KEXP at 1:57pm. We were both shocked that KEXP would choose to premiere a Merchandise song only three minutes from the end of the show's time block, because the Floridian romantics' best songs exceed six minutes. Not that this is surprising, but it turns out that they're also capable of writing an excellent three-minute new-wave pop song - here's "Little Killer," the first single from their 4AD debut After the End, produced by Gareth Jones (who's worked with Depeche Mode). Check it out along with its accompanying video, directed by the band's own Carson Cox. You can grab After the End in a record store starting August 26th.

Merchandise, After the End:
01 “Corridor”
02 “Enemy”
03 “True Monument”
04 “Green Lady”
05 “Life Outside The Mirror”
06 “Telephone”
07 “Little Killer”
08 “Looking Glass Waltz”
09 “After The End”
10 “Exile And Ego”