The Weeknd - "Devil May Cry" prod. by Rick Rubin


The Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack corralled some pretty awesome artists, but we've got to admit the Weeknd's contributions (yes, plural) were one of our most hotly anticipated. Now, in advance of the soundtrack (and film's) release, you can listen to the song he wrote (and Rick Rubin produced!) for the movie, "Devil May Cry." Abel Tesfaye and company specialize in a shivery, eerie kind of post-apocalyptic R&B, so this makes perfect sense - massive drums, a fingerpicked guitar line, miles-away synth solos, Tesfaye's own wounded, yearning falsetto; basically, it's the ideal soundtrack to, uh, a battle to the death and/or doomed love story. Check it out - the film's out November 22.