What Is Even Going On With Boards of Canada?


Most artists are really excited to announce their Record Store Day exclusives, but not the Scottish duo Boards of Canada - they sneakily released a 12" that seems to point to bigger and more exciting things. At least two mysterious 12"s have been discovered since Saturday bearing the band's name along with the same forty-second snippet of music and a robotic voice reciting series of numbers (Record Store Day shoppers at New York's Other Music and London's Rough Trade East found 12"s with the series 9-3-6-5-5-7). Someone was then clever enough to track down a YouTube video, linked in a video posted by a user "Hell Interface" (BoC fans will know they've released music under this moniker in the past), called "csch," which features the same snippet of music along with another series of numbers, 7-1-7-2-2-8. Then, Zane Grey played another identical snippet on BBC1, with the sequence 5-1-9-2-2-5, and NPR's All Songs Considered played a fourth, with the sequence 6-1-9-7-4-2.

BoC's label, Warp, said last year that the band were working on new material - we're guessing this is it? We'll keep you posted as we learn more. If you have some numerology experience, help us out?