Wild Beasts Announce New Album: Boy King

Listen to "Get My Bang"
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Wild Beasts will return on August 5 with a new album called Boy King. Check out the nighttime dance video for funky first single, “Get My Bang”, below:

Here’s how bandleader Hayden Thorpe, seen above busting a move and donning a cool leather jacket, describes the album:

It became apparent that that guitar almost became the character within the songs, that phallic character, the all-conquering male. I’m letting my inner Byron fully out, I thought I’d tucked him away, but he came screaming back like the Incredible Hulk. ... I think Boy King is an apocalyptic record. It’s about swimming in the abyss. When you think about sex, you’ve got to think about death, they’re one and the same.

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Wild Beasts, Boy King:

01 Big Cat
02 Tough Guy
03 Alpha Female
04 Get My Bang
05 Celestial Creatures
06 2BU
07 He The Colossus
08 Ponytail
09 Eat Your Heart Out Adonis
10 Dreamliner