Willis Earl Beal Planning New Record Experiments in Time

He's left his label, XL, but will release a new LP this summer via CD Baby.
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Looks like we'll get something new from Willis Earl Beal this summer, but it won't be through the avenues you might expect. In an interview with Under the Radar, Beal revealed that he's left his label XL / Hot Charity after beginning to feel disillusioned with the music industry and the disconcerting intersection of art and capitalism, which is something you'll probably understand if you've been to South by Southwest even one time. In the lengthy interview (you can peruse the whole thing here), Beal opens up about legal issues, his former label's seeming naiveté, and his new record, Experiments in Time, which he'll self-release August 8th via the website CD Baby. Stay tuned, and/or revisit Nobody knows. highlight "Coming Through," below.