Amazing Songs: Charli XCX, "Boys"

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If the aliens we’ve been beaming messages to decided to visit earth today, they might think Charli XCX invented boys. On her latest single, “Boys”, Charlotte Aitchison exhales each “Boys” with the swoon of a teenage diary entry, followed up by the sound of a Gameboy booting up. Actually, a Gameboy might be the perfect encapsulation of Aitchison’s latest bop, a toying little record plays around with her fantasies. A motherboard for all creation, Aitchison zips through her busy, busy schedule of trashing hotel rooms and flying from Cali to Puerto Rico. Though she relays said antics with less than an afterthought, she gives the problem at hand (boys) her full attention.

Her vocals skip from her mouth with the same rap-song syncopation that has become all the rage, but she does something especially soft with a subject matter often gets a little more rowdy, so to say. Building off the sound acts like Fetty Wap and Dej Loaf perfected so well for hip-hop, Aitchison brings it into the pop realm, emphasizing rhythms while maintaining the cutesy confection of PC Music, pop music’s pop-off point.

A song with such a daydreamy feeling naturally needs the perfect video to fulfill its vision, and Aitchison does not disappoint. In an unsurprising fashion, considering Charli XCX knows everybody, practically everyone appears in this smorgasbord of boys ranging from the Swet Shop Boys to Flume to every scene kid’s teen dream, Brendon Urie. She’s even managed to make Diplo look adorable, a tall task when you remember it is Diplo we’re talking about.

Considering that lately, most boys appear in the media torturing sharks and banning groups of people from the military, “Boys” serves as a nice reminder of why some of us chase them in the first place.