REC'D: Andy Stott, "Faith In Strangers"

Andy Stott releases another stunner from his upcoming album, Faith In Strangers, out next month.
andy stott

Today, Manchester artist Andy Scott shared his tremendous new single, "Faith In Strangers," which so happens to be the penultimate track from his upcoming album of the same name. Featuring vocals from Alison Skidmore, Stott's former piano teacher, "Faith" is almost unbearably gorgeous. Skidmore's ethereal vocals, indefinitely in debt to Treasure-era Cocteau Twins, act like warm coals allaying Stott's traditionally cold and austere beat work, which on this album (and even on this track alone) seems to shift between dub techno, IDM and trip hop, with ease. Check it out below, and make sure to revisit Faith In Strangers’ mesmerizing first single "Violence."

Andy Stott's Faith In Strangers is out November 18.

Andy Stott, Faith in Strangers:
01 Time Away
02 Violence
03 On Oath
04 Science & Industry
05 No Surrender
06 How It Was
07 Damage
08 Faith in Strangers
09 Missing