Capsule Reviews: Beirut, The Libertines, Prince

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Beirut No No No Art

Beirut, No No No

Beirut usually do okay for themselves when they expound on well-established modes of musical communication. Perhaps then the jig is finally up on No No No, their fourth album in nine years. Ostensibly their pop record, this brisk, 29-minute album album runs out of ideas in the first ten. Play it and forget it. C

The Libertines, Anthems for Doomed Youth

This summer has been light on headliner rock thrills, but the Libertines have swept in for a surprising late-game coup. They were always unfairly compared to the Strokes, a far superior band at their peak, but it’s been well over a decade since Julian Casablancas & Co. have released an album as taut and wasted and sexy as Anthems for Doomed Youth. Play this one out. B

Prince, HitNRun

Contemporary listeners have long been conditioned not to expect great new albums from Prince. For the large majority of the twenty-five releases that have followed 1988’s Lovesexy, the best fans could expect was the opportunity to see His Purpleness on tour (by all accounts a life-changing experience). HitNRun, his 35th career LP, and third in the last 12 months, does very little to subvert these expectations. It finds Prince embracing EDM and his band 3rd Eye Girl lays down some sturdy, derivative grooves that ought to signal bathroom breaks and beer runs at shows to come. C MINUS

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