Amazing Songs: Dirty Projectors, "Up in Hudson"

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Dirty Projectors

The dense, obtuse new record from Dirty Projectors is the most aptly self-titled record in recent memory, it being the literal story of the band. But at the same time, it easily could have been called “Dirty Projector” because only Dave Longstreth is left. And on his new seven minute alternative r&b, glitch pop, art pop, progressive, chamber song, he reminds us why he is still just as important solo. Sound exhausting? Surprisingly it isn’t to listen to. 

The influences blended together like a Slurpee. A bouncing synth holds passages together, like a coin jumping on piano strings. The percussion, which I assume is Mauro Refosco, lets your mind ruminate on the lyrics during the instrumental stretches. The words are a distilled, linear tale of Dave and former member Amber Coffman. Their story, plus the depressing and real “Love will burn out” chorus, plus calm horn stretches make this track a real stand out. By verse nine Longstreth is meditating on their differences, Kanye vs. Tupac, driving vs. drinking, and art vs. fame. 

He’s as right as he is echoing Neil Young, most things burn out or fade away and in the moment something does, its easy to see it as inevitable as a defense mechanism. Luckily for the record, there are brighter spots later on, but “Up In Hudson” is a strong contender for best track of 2017 so far.